Customer-focused Strategy

Balancing between desire for immediate results and long- term resilience; strategy derived from within and propagated throughout the organization; reconciliation of formal strategy with internal organization behavior; needs and means for consistent profitable growth through proper prioritization, integration of all the enterprise's resources to support the understanding that the customer is always the customer.


A major key to success within a category is market share dominance; our unique and proven competitor assessment techniques and proprietary algorithm, which identifies one's most profitable customers, will result in the development of the most viable strategies with tactics to maximize short-and long-term revenue and profits.

Sales Management

Institution of efficient systems and practices to reinforce business growth with the company's most profitable customers plus identification of major customer/account conversion opportunities; examination of alternate delivery methods and channels, developing tools, sales force characteristics and hands-on leadership requirements to capture advantage of macro and micro factor changes; sales training, monitoring and control systems.

Organization Effectiveness

Understanding, quantification and continuing concentrification of individual and corporate style, culture and response; explanation of sources of great support on one hand and dysfunction of the other with a practical means to amend behavior and performance to senior management and the entire organization; importance of and means to achieve clear purpose and method by all involved.

Information and Control

Understanding what is worth controlling, what is worth measuring, then creating stable, rapid and simple gathering and reporting systems; with clear articulation of objectives, these systems should honor information and human response interplay, lead naturally to broad understanding and use, respect various information- need constituencies and intuitively lead people to support corporate strategy.


Comprehensive assessment of the productive component of the enterprise emphasizing a balance among process simplification, cost removal, quality optimization and reliable, fast response through systems, people and physical assets, all leading to profitable support of customer satisfaction; realizing systems and attitudes which achieve these results on a financially efficient asset base.

Operational Review

Intense, comprehensive review to prioritize and to quantify opportunities and problems; senior management objectivity cross-check; pre-merger/investment/loan due diligence

New Products

Our proprietary modeling techniques allow us to identify within a field of candidates the one or two with the highest probability of success and to assist in all stages from development to test marketing through national launch.


Through customization of the algorithm coupled with a unique due diligence process, we can predict the likelihood of success of the acquisition under review, as well as select among alternative acquisition candidates the one with the highest probability of success.


Coach or assume operating control of corporations troubled by instability, market deterioration, internal failure or excessive growth.

Litigation Support

Expert witness or advisory resource in business failure, category segmentation or encroachment, contract termination, project schedule control, information system failure, human behavior issues.

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